Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA)

An Overview of the Minor Airport in Rome

Rome AirportCiampino Airport (CIA)

Rome Ciampino Airport: The Secondary Yet Busy Airport in Rome

Also serving the Italian capital, Rome Ciampino Airport, or Giovan Battista Pastine International Airport as it is officially named, lies closer to the city center than the leading of the two airports in Rome, Fiumicino Airport. Verily, it is located only 12km/7.5 miles from the heart of Rome, right outside the Greater Ring Road, the motorway surrounding Rome. It lies within a closer distance from Rome Cruise Port – Civitavecchia Port- as well. 

Ciampino Airport is named after Gioval Battista Pastine, a World War I pilot who became a legend. It is one of the oldest, still operating airports, as it opened its doors back in 1916. Thus, it used to be the main airport in Rome until Leonardo da Vinci Airport was constructed. However, despite the devaluation of its role at that time, nowadays, it remains one of the most important airports in Italy, mainly serving budget-friendly airlines. As a matter of fact, CIA Airport even managed to surpass the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it recorded almost 3.500.000 passengers in 2022, a 50% increase from the previous year’s passenger traffic. Moreover, Rome Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastime Airport is also a military and cargo airport.

Aeroporti di Roma is the company managing both airports in Rome. Rome Fiumicino Airport has won the “Best Airport” award for three consecutive years. Hence, it comes as no surprise that even though being small and handling exclusively low-cost flights, Ciampino Airport is a passenger-friendly airport, offering all the necessary services and facilities. The passport control and customs procedures operate efficiently, while Ciampino Airport is an accessible aviation hub. The main airport’s downside is the limited number of post-security seating, which adds hassle to the anyway annoying waiting time at the airport.

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Airport Name: Giovan Battista Pastine International Airport



Location: Ciampino, (RM), Italy

Time Zone: UTC +2 / Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Airport Map: Ciampino Airport at Google Maps

Ciampino Airport’s Terminal

Rome Ciampino Airport is a small aviation hub. Thus, it has only one terminal building, making the navigation process around the airport an easy task. In fact, it spreads over one floor. Hence, Departures and Arrivals are at the same level. However, they aren’t interconnected.

CIA Airport has 31 check-in points and 16 bridges, along with 4 baggage belts. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have jet bridges. Thus, passengers get to their plane either by walking or via an airport bus. Overall, Ciampino airport’s terminal is easily walkable.

Our Tip: Ciampino Airport actually consists of two terminals. However, the second terminal is exclusively used for air taxis and private flights.

Ciampino Airport’s Airlines

Ciampino Airport hosts the vast majority of the low-cost airlines serving the Italian capital. Hence, if you are flying with a budget air carrier, you will most likely depart or arrive at CIA Airport.

Overall, CIA serves 38 airlines and mostly European destinations. However, Ciampino Airport also handles flights from or to intercontinental destinations such as Morocco or Jordan.

Transit Options

Ciampino Airport is adequately linked to downtown Rome. In detail, the transit options from Ciampino Airport to Rome city center are:


  • A 40-50 minute taxi ride
  • The Ciampino Airlink Connection from CIA to Termini
  • The SIT and Terravision Coaches, and Roma Airport Bus to Roma Termini Station
  • The ATRAL Buses to Anagnina Station (Metro Line A)
  • The ATAC Bus 720 to Laurentina Subway Station
  • The ATAC Line 520 to Cinecittà and Subaugusta Metro Stations
  • Ciampino airport transfers
  • CIA airport car rentals

Parking Facilities

Ciampino Airport houses P3 within a 2-minute walking distance from the terminal doors. P3 has 110 open parking spots and is ideal for up to 1-hour parking stays. Online bookings aren’t available, while the first 15 minutes are out of charge.

On the other hand, the P4-P5-P6-P7 Parking lots lie opposite Ciampino Airport’s terminal and offer more than 600 uncovered parking spaces. Pre-booking for those facilities is not only available but also recommended as it comes with lower fares. Overall, P6 mostly handles CIA passengers’ long-stay parking needs, while there are designated areas for pick-ups and drop-offs as well as for travelers with disabilities.

Services and Amenities

Despite being a small airport, Rome Ciampino Airport offers its passengers an overall pleasant traveling experience. Thus, it provides all the necessary services and amenities. Explicitly, at CIA Airport, you’ll find:


  • A limited selection of retail stores, bars, and restaurants
  • A small Duty-free area
  • Baggage carts
  • Baggage wrapping
  • Luggage storage
  • Meet & Greet services
  • Pharmacies / First aid
  • Banks / ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Nurseries / Strollers
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Pet relief zone
  • Lounges
  • Two Business lounges
  • Wi-Fi
  • Information kiosks
  • Special services for passengers with reduced mobility

Contact Info

Official Name: Giovan Battista Pastine International Airport


Address: Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino RM


Phone Number: +39 665 959 515



CIA Airport Arrivals and Departures

Ciampino Airport is a small aviation hub. Still, it welcomes numerous flights on a daily basis, while many flights depart from CIA Airport day to day.

Staying informed about every change on the Ciampino airport flight schedule is extremely handy when picking up your loved ones from the airport or if you want to eliminate the stress from your check-in experience. Now you can always be up-to-date about CIA Arrivals and Departures from Ciampino Airport and avoid unnecessary hassle at the airport.


Is it better to fly to Ciampino or Fiumicino?

Rome Fiumicino Airport is the main airport in Rome. It is a modern and well-equipped aviation hub, handling the majority of flights arriving or departing from Rome. Nevertheless, Ciampino Airport hosts almost all low-cost airlines. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, CIA Airport would be a better choice for you. Moreover, Ciampino Airport lies in the ideal location for travelers whose whereabouts are to be found in the South part of the city or passengers heading to South Italy.

Is Rome Ciampino a busy airport?

Rome Ciampino Airport may not be as busy as the opposing Rome Fiumicino Airport. Still, it is a rather occupied aviation hub, housing a broad range of low-cost airlines. Verily, CIA Airport welcomed more than 3.500.000 million passengers in 2022. 

Is Ciampino Airport big?

Rome Ciampino Airport is a small aviation hub. As a matter of fact, it consists of just one terminal building, spreading over one floor. Still, it is the secondary airport of the Italian capital and is listed among the 10 most important air hubs in Italy.

How many terminals does Ciampino Airport have?

CIA Airport has only one terminal building. Thus, Departures and Arrivals are to be found on the same floor. Still, they aren’t connected to each other. Another terminal lies inside the Ciampino airport complex. However, it is dedicated to air taxis and private flights.

How early should I get to Ciampino Airport?

If you want to enjoy a stress-free check-in process at Rome Ciampino Airport, it is recommended to arrive early at the airport. Thus, you should plan your schedule so as to be at CIA at least two hours before your onward flight.

Does Ciampino Airport have a metro?

Unfortunately, Ciampino Airport isn’t linked to the efficient Rome subway network. Nevertheless, many bus lines connect the airport to various metro stations lying in the city center and beyond.

How do I get from Rome Ciampino Airport to city centre?

Apart from the Ciampino airport taxis and the luxurious private airport transfers, car rentals are also available for travelers wishing to get downtown at their own pace. What’s more, Ciampino Airlink (the combination of a bus and a train ride), as well as the various airport bus lines, are preferred by passengers traveling on a tight budget.