Rome Taxis

All the Useful Tips & Hints about Taxis in Rome

Rome Taxis: an Overview

Rome taxis are a fairly comfortable way to travel around the city’s limits as well as to its surrounding areas and the two Rome airport facilities. Even though they are considered rather expensive and have a bad reputation for ripping off unsuspecting travelers, they offer fast and reasonable services, while the scamming incidents are isolated.

How to Hire an Official Taxi in Rome

Although the Rome taxis’ notoriety seems to be exaggerated, you’ll still have to pay attention to catch an official taxi from Rome to your destination. Thus, the best way to avoid getting scammed is to hire your cab from an official taxi stand or reserve one on the phone or via an app. In any case, licensed Rome taxis are white and have the distinctive “Taxi” sign on their roof. Moreover, they should display the symbol of the Rome City Council on their front door and their license number on their interior and be equipped with a taximeter. 

Our Tip: Most swindling incidents take place at airports and train stations. Hence, should you take your taxi from one of those departing points, you must, under any circumstances, avoid individual drivers offering low-cost transit services. 

Rome Taxi Fares and Prices

Rome taxi fares are governmentally implemented. Thus, no matter the taxi company, the tariffs are the same. In general terms, taxis in Rome are metered. Hence, their fare is calculated via the taximeter. The traveling time and the traversed distance are the two main factors affecting the final cost of each taxi ride. 

In detail, the Rome fees are the following:

  • Flag fare on weekdays (from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm): 3€/3.27$
  • Flag fare on Sundays and holidays (from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm): 5€/5.45$
  • Flag fare during the night shift (from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am): 7€/7.70$

Waiting time and driving at an under-20km/h speed is charged at 28€/30.50$/h. Once entering your cab, you should check if the taximeter indicates the right tariff. Tariff 1 (T1) is applied for rides at an over-20km/h speed. Thus, the price for each traversed km is 1.14€/1.24$ until the taximeter shows an 11€/12$ fare. At that moment, it changes to Tariff 2. Therefore, after 11€/12$, if your ride’s speed exceeds 20km/h, you’ll have to pay 1.35€/1.47$ for each km until a further 13€/14.20$ fee is added to the price. Then, Tariff 3 should apply, and the charge per km will be 1.66€/1.81$. 

Our Tip: Each taxi can accommodate up to 4 passengers and one piece of baggage per traveler. Extra luggage comes with a supplement charge of 1€/1.10$ per each piece of luggage measuring at least 35X25X50, while a 1€/1.10$ fee is applied for each passenger in excess of 4.

How to Pay for your Taxi in Rome

Rome taxis are obligated to be equipped with POS machines. Hence, you can pay for your taxi ride in cash or use a credit or debit card to make your payment. At least theoretically. Verily, many Rome taxi drivers claim that their machines are out of order and subsequently accept only cash payments. In any case, if planning on paying in cash, you should first check with your driver.

How to Catch a Taxi in Rome

Although you can hail a Rome taxi from the street, it’s not the most common practice. Verily, locals usually head to one of the official taxi stands scattered around the city or call their cab via phone or a relevant app.

The Rome taxi stands are to be found at all the main city’s locations, especially nearby the transit hubs and the most popular Rome attractions. You can easily find a taxi rank even if taxis aren’t lining up at the moment. You’ll just have to spot the distinctive orange “Taxi” sign. If taxis are waiting at the taxi stand, you’ll have to take the first one in line. Nevertheless, even if there isn’t an available vehicle when reaching the taxi rank, you shouldn’t worry. Rome taxis will fill the taxi rank at any moment. 

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the extra fee, the most hassle-free way to catch your cab is to call one. You can use your phone or one of the taxi apps and wait for your Rome taxi stress-free. Please keep in mind that cabs usually arrive at the pick-up location within 3-5 minutes and that their taximeter is on from the moment the driver receives the call. 

Our Tip: Calling your cab is extremely handy during public transit strikes, on rainy days, and holidays when catching a taxi in Rome can become a difficult task.

Rome Taxis to Rome Fiumicino Airport

Although trains and buses are on tap to take you to the main airport in Rome, Rome airport taxis are, without a doubt, one of the most convenient and relaxed ways to reach Fiumicino Airport. Despite Rome taxis being metered, airport taxis offer set prices for rides inside the Aurelian Walls. Thus, the journey from Rome to Leonardo da Vinci Airport costs 50€/54.50$, all supplement fees included. Rides from outside the Aurelian Walls but within Grande Raccordo Anulare are metered. Still, their fare can’t exceed 73€/79.60$. Extra fees may apply in that case. 

Tips & Hints about Taxis in Rome

  • Rome taxis are metered. Thus, once you enter your cab, you should always check if the taximeter is reset and operating. That being said, taxi rides from Rome Airport to the city center come with a flat fare.
  • Rome taxi drivers can’t pick rides depending on the destination.
  • Keeping your receipt at the end of the ride can become extremely handy if you have forgotten items inside the cab or want to make an official complaint. All the necessary info is written on the receipt.
  • Unfortunately, high traffic levels during peak hours raise taxi fares.
  • Tipping the driver isn’t a common practice in Rome. However, many passengers simply round up the final fare.
  • Carrying small banknotes is advisable when catching a Rome taxi. In that way, you won’t face problems if the driver doesn’t have enough change, and you won’t risk getting scammed.
  • Child seats aren’t obligatory. Taxis aren’t kitted with child seats, but children are allowed to sit on their parent’s lap.
  • Ride-sharing exists in Rome.
  • Uber operates in Rome but only as Uber Black, providing luxury and expensive drives.
  • A 10% discount applies to women traveling late at night (10:00 pm to 06:00 am), passengers heading to hospitals, and young people leaving nightclubs on Fridays and Saturdays. In that case, however, an agreement must be made with the owners of public establishments.


Are taxis in Rome expensive?

Rome taxis aren’t considered affordable. However, they aren’t more expensive than taxis in most of the big European cities. In any case, they remain a costly way to travel around the city, not suitable for travelers on a tight budget.

Is it easy to get a taxi in Rome?

Hailing a taxi from the street can be tricky. Nevertheless, taxi ranks are to be found all around Rome. Alternatively, you can call your taxi or use a taxi app. Your cab will be at the meeting point in 3-5 minutes.

Do you tip Rome taxi drivers?

Tipping the taxi driver is optional in Rome. In fact, it isn’t a common practice. Still, for pleasant rides and services, locals usually round up the final fee to the nearest euro.

Do taxi drivers in Rome speak English?

Not all Rome taxi drivers speak English. That’s the reason why you should have your address written down on a piece of paper or get to know the Italian name of your destination. In any case, even though the majority of them can’t speak fluently, you’ll most probably be able to communicate adequately.