How to Get from Rome Airport to City Center

Rome AirportTransportation (FCO)

Transit Options from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Fiumicino Airport, the main airport in Rome, is well-connected to the city center. Hence, passengers landing at Leonardo da Vinci Airport have plenty of options for the journey to their final destination in downtown Rome. Explicitly, apart from the all-time classic Rome airport taxis and the lavish Rome airport transfersairport car rentals are another alternative valued by travelers who relish independent rides during their journeys. Last but not least, visitors in search of a more budget-friendly option can opt for one of the cheap yet time-consuming bus lines leaving FCO Airport or settle on a Rome airport train ride.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi5054.5030-50 min
Bus6-76.60-7.7050-60 min
Regional Bus (Night)55.5040 min
Leonardo Express1415.4032 min
FL19.5010.4072 min

Rome Airport to City Center by Taxi

Rome airport taxis are one of the most popular ways to travel from Leonardo da Vinci Airport to Rome. Taxis are always available at the airport taxi ranks, located right outside the Arrivals area of each terminal. Catching your cab from the official taxi stand is highly recommended, as individual drivers often approach FCO visitors offering tempting deals for rides to their destination, only to overcharge them at the end. In any case, licensed Rome airport taxis are white, and have the distinctive “Taxi” sign on their roof and the “Comune di Roma” sign on their doors. Moreover, their license number must be displayed on the side and the back of the vehicle and on its interior.

Although taxis in Rome are metered, Fiumicino airport taxis offer set fares for certain destinations. Hence, taxi rides to the locations inside the Aurelian Walls cost a fixed fare of 50€/54.50$. Therefore, you’ll have to pay 50€/54.50$ for your approximately 40-minute journey from Fiumicino Airport to Rome, all surcharges included. However, you should keep in mind that during rush hours, traffic levels are really high and will certainly affect the duration (but not the price) of your ride. On the other hand, even though tipping is optional, locals usually round up the final fee to the nearest euro. Payments can be made both in cash and via a credit or debit card. In fact, Rome taxi drivers are obligated to have POS. Nevertheless, they often claim that their POS machines are out of order to get paid in cash. Thus, it is advisable to check with the driver before starting your trip to Rome.  What’s more, at the end of the ride, you should ask for a receipt. This will be proven extremely handy in case of forgotten items or filing an official complaint, as all the necessary taxi info is written on the receipt.

Our Tip 1: Please note that Rome taxi drivers can’t pick rides, but are obliged to drive you to the destination of your choice.

Our Tip 2: Ride-sharing is another transit option at Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

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Rome Airport to City Center by Bus

Fiumicino Airport isn’t linked to downtown Rome via a local bus, as it is actually located in the Fiumicino area. Still, many private bus companies offer their services to FCO passengers. In detail, travelers wishing for a cheap bus ride from Leonardo da Vinci Airport to Rome can choose between the following options:


  • Rome Airport Bus: Heading directly from Rome Airport to Termini Station in the heart of the city without in-between stops, Rome Airport Bus runs from 00:05 am to 10:00 pm every 30-60 minutes, depending on the time of the day. Under normal traffic conditions, its traveling time is 50 minutes. The bus leaves from the Arrivals level of T3, close to Exit 6 (from bus stand no.15), and costs 6.90€/7.60$ for a one-way ticket and 9.90€/10.90$ for round trips. Tickets are available from the airport ticket offices, onboard, and online. Children younger than 5 years old travel for free.
  • SIT Bus and Shuttle: SIT Buses make two stops before reaching Termini Station. That’s why they need one hour to reach Roma Termini under light traffic. Running hourly from 08:30 am to 09:55 pm, buses depart from the same location as Rome Airport Bus (actually from bus stand no.12). Tickets for the SIT Bus from Fiumicino Airport to Rome are available from the driver inside the buses, from the company’s staff on the bus stop, and online. In general terms, online reservations are recommended as they save you a seat. However, if you miss the bus, you are free to take the next one as long as there is availability. The bus tickets cost 7€/7.70$ (13€/14.20$ for round rides) and are free for kids up to 4 years of age.
  • T.A.M. Bus and Shuttle: With Termini Station as their destination as well, T.A.M. Buses call at the bus stand no.13 of T3, from 05:40 am to 02:30 am. Their frequency is around 25 minutes (50 minutes during the night and in the early morning hours), and the duration of their journey from Rome Airport to city center is around 50-60 minutes. You can buy your ticket for the T.A.M. bus online, from the bus driver, or from the ticket counters at a 6€/6.60$ price for a single ride and an 11€/12$ fare for a return trip. Online reservations are advisable for T.A.M. Buses as well.
  • Terravision: The Terravision coaches link Fiumicino Airport to Rome every 45 minutes from 08:30 am to 00:30 am, having Termini Station as their terminus point. They leave from bus stand no.14 (next to T3 Exit 6) and travel directly to the main Rome rail station, reaching it in about 55 minutes. Their ticket is priced at 6€/6.60$ (11€/12$ for return journeys) and can be bought online, from the airport ticket counters, and onboard. Children up to 4 don’t pay for their tickets, while in case you fail to catch the bus, you are allowed to take the next route.

Rome Airport to City Center by Night Bus

Even though they don’t reach Termini Station in the city center during the day, during the night shift, the regional Cotral Buses link Fiumicino Airport to Rome, traveling to Roma Termini at an hourly frequency. Their bus stop is different than the other Rome airport bus lines. Hence, they leave from the Arrivals level of T1. Passengers wishing to get to the Cotral bus stop should follow the signs indicating “Regional Bus Station”. Overall, buses operate from 01:45 am to 05:45 am and get to Roma Termini in about 40 minutes. If you are landing at FCO Airport late at night and planning a Cotral bus transit from Rome Airport to downtown, you’ll have to pay 5€/5.50$ for your ticket if bought online. In that case, you’ll have to validate your ticket when entering the bus. Alternatively, you can buy it on board, paying 7€/7.70$ instead (only with cash). Children up to 1 meter are out of charge.

Our Tip: Cotral Buses don’t have luggage storage space. Hence, they can be a really tedious choice if traveling with lots of baggage.

Rome Airport to City Center by Train

If you want to travel by train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome, you’ll have two options: you can either choose the fast, direct, and comfortable Leonardo Express, or the less convenient yet cheaper regional FL1 Train.


  • Leonardo Express: The famous Rome airport train line, Leonardo Express, leaves from the train station located in front of T3 within a short walking distance from both terminals every 15 minutes from 06:08 am to 11:23 pm. Leonardo Express heads directly to Roma Termini Station and reaches its destination after a speedy 32-minute ride. The train has accessible cars and is equipped with luggage racks and charging outlets. What’s more, its total seating is first class. Therefore, its speed and comfort totally justify the 14€/15.40$ ticket for a one-way journey. Tickets are available via the Trenitalia website (in that case, tickets are already validated and can be used within a 90-minute time from the indicated departure time). Otherwise, tickets are also sold at the FCO ticket counters (from 06:45 am to 10:12 pm), the airport’s vending machines, and some retail shops. Nevertheless, those tickets must be validated before entering the train. Children younger than 4 travel for free, while for each paying adult one child from 4 to 12 years of age is out of charge.

Leonardo Express passengers always get to their destination. Verily, even during public strikes, the train is replaced by a bus.

  • The Regional FL1 Rome Airport Train: The FL1 train is, without a doubt, cheaper than Leonardo Express. Still, it is far from convenient as it requires a change to Metro A to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome. Hence, if you settle on an FL1 journey to downtown Rome, you’ll have to take the train from the airport train station and head to Tuscolana Station, a 41-minute ride away. FL1 operates from 05:57 am to 11:27 pm (00:27 am on Sundays) on a 15-minute frequency from Monday to Saturday and a 30-minute on Sundays and holidays. Its tickets are priced at 8€/8.80$ and can be bought online, from the ticket counters (from 06:45 am to 10:12 pm), or from the automatic ticket machines. Although tickets purchased at the airport require validation at the validation machines, online tickets are already validated. Still, you’ll have to print them and display them at the turnstiles. Children up to 4 years of age don’t pay for their tickets. On the other hand, one kid aged 4-12 for each paying adult travels for free.  Once arriving at Tuscolana Station, you’ll have to walk to Ponte Lungo, approximately 500m away. From that stop, you’ll take Metro Line A to Repubblica. Please note that you’ll have to buy an extra ticket for your subway ride, costing 1.50€/1.60$. Thus, the total duration of your journey will be 72 minutes, and its fare 9.50€/10.40$.

FL1 trains don’t have designated luggage storage space.

Car Rental from Rome Airport to City Center

A Rome airport car rental is the ideal choice for your transit from Fiumicino Airport to Rome if you value autonomous rides and are planning on traveling around Italy as well. Verily, although Rome streets are narrow, parking is hard, traffic can be overwhelming from time to time, and many areas in the city center can’t be reached by car for the most part of the day as they belong to the ZTL zone (zona traffico limitato), Rome car rentals are the only way to explore hassle-free other Italian destinations and travel to sites often otherwise unreachable. Fortunately, plenty of car rental companies are present at Rome Fiumicino Airport. Hence, you can find the vehicle type you want at an affordable price. In fact, early bookings almost always guarantee not-to-be-missed car rental deals.

Overall, the journey from the airport to the city center lasts 30-40 minutes. However, when roads are congested, the ride’s duration can rise dramatically. Hence, you can expect an even 70-minute trip to your destination. What’s more, please keep in mind that Rome’s historical center is a ZTL zone. Therefore, you can reach this area with your Rome rental car only from 06:00 pm to 06:30 am on weekdays and from 06:00 pm to 02:00 pm on Saturdays. Moreover, on Friday and Saturday nights, the ZTL system is also activated from 11:00 pm to 03:00 am.

As far as parking is concerned, you should note that street parking in the city center is extremely limited. Conversely, car parks are another option. Nevertheless, the ones located in the city center are quite pricey.

Rome Airport Transfers from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Rome airport transfers allow you to travel in style to your journey’s end in downtown Rome. When booking a private transfer, you can be certain about the quality and comfort of your transfer from Rome Airport to city center. Thus, your driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals level, holding a sign with your name, ready to assist you with your luggage, show you the way to the vehicle of your preference parked outside the exit doors, and drive you smoothly to your destination giving you priceless advice about your stay in Rome on the way. On the other hand, Rome airport transfers are somewhat costlier than fixed-fare airport taxis. Hence, you’ll have to pay around 65€/71$ for the ride from Fiumicino Airport to Rome. Still, Leonardo da Vinci Airport house various private airport transfer companies. If you search and compare your options, you can book a ride at a fairly affordable price.


How do you get from Rome Airport to city centre?

If you want to travel from Fiumicino Airport to Rome, you can opt for a more or less expensive transit option. Thus, taxis and Rome airport transfers are the most convenient yet, at the same time, most expensive alternatives, whereas buses and trains offer far more affordable services. Moreover, car rentals are ideal for travelers wishing to explore Rome’s nearby areas as well.

How much is the train from Rome Airport to Rome city​?

The fast Leonardo Express, connecting Rome Airport to city center in just 32 minutes, costs 14€/15.40$. Conversely, the regional FL1 Train is much less pricey, costing 8€/8.80$ for a one-way ride. Still, it doesn’t offer direct journeys to downtown Rome. Thus, you’ll have to hop on Metro Line A to reach your destination, paying an extra 1.50€/1.60$ for your subway ticket.

How much is a taxi from Rome Airport to city center?

In general terms, taxis in Rome are metered. However, Rome airport taxis offer set fares for popular destinations. Hence, the ride from Leonardo da Vinci Airport to Rome costs  50€/54.50$, all extra fees including. On the other hand, tipping isn’t obligatory or customary. Still, locals may round up the fare for pleasant services.

Does Rome metro go to the airport?

Unfortunately, Leonardo da Vinci Airport isn’t linked to the city center via subway. Verily, Rome metro doesn’t travel from and to FCO Airport. However, bus lines and the regional FL1 Train head to transit hubs with connections to Rome’s subway network.