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All Info about Fiumicino Airport Taxi Fees, Taxi Ranks, and Popular Routes

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Why Take a Rome Airport Taxi

Rome airport taxis are definitely not the most affordable option to make your way from Leonardo da Vinci Airport to your destination. Still, they make up for their price in terms of speed and convenience. Hence, many FCO passengers opt for a taxi ride after landing at Fiumicino Airport and collecting their luggage. The reasons behind that decision are:


  • Taxis are readily available at the FCO taxi stands, no matter the day or time.
  • They drive their passengers to the exact location of their destination.
  • They save travelers from the hassle of trying to find the airport train or bus stop and the right disembarking location.
  • With a Rome airport taxi, passengers don’t have to find their way from the bus or train stop to their accommodation, carrying their luggage all along.
  • During a ride with a Rome airport taxi, luggage is safely stored in the cab’s trunk.
  • They guarantee convenient and relaxed journeys. On the other hand, public transit means often get overcrowded.

Rome Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Rome taxis are metered. In fact, they have a 3€/3.27$ flag fare on weekdays, a 5€/5.45$ fee on Sundays and public holidays, and a 7€/7.70$ rate for night rides (from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am). The price per km is 1.14€/1.24$ for the first 11€/12$ (Tariff 1) and 1.35€/1.47$ for a further 13€/14.20$ (Tariff 2). Tariff 3 (1.66€/1.81$ per km) applies at that time. Waiting or traveling with a lower than 20km/h speed is charged at 28€/30.50$/h. Moreover, for each piece of luggage over 1 (measuring 35X25X50), passengers have to pay 1€/1.10$.

Nevertheless, Rome airport taxis offer flat fares for rides inside the Aurelian Walls, Ciampino Airport, Tiburtina Station, Ostiense Station, and Port of Civitavecchia (and vice versa). For example, the 30-50-minute ride from Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center costs 50€/54.50, all extra charges included. On the other hand, even if rides within Grande Raccordo Anulare are metered, they can’t exceed a 73€/79.60$ price. However, extra fees for excess luggage or more than 4 passengers may apply.

Conversely, the transit from Rome Airport to Fiumicino, lying 7km/4.30 miles away from FCO, is metered. Fiumicino taxis handle those rides. Hence, if you want to benefit from the lower flat fares to Rome, you should take a Rome airport taxi (with the “Comune di Roma” sign on its doors and not the “Comune di Fiumicino”).

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How to Pay your Rome Airport Taxi

Fiumicino airport taxis must have POS machines. Therefore, Rome taxi drivers are obligated to accept payments in cash and via bank cards. Still, they often claim that their POS is out of order and passengers have to pay in cash. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should check if the driver indeed accepts credit/debit credits before beginning your ride.

Rome Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations:

As already mentioned, Fiumicino airport taxis have pre-determined rates for various city destinations. On the other hand, they operate on a metered basis for other locations. In any case, check the Rome airport taxi rates to some of the most popular Rome sites to get an overall idea:


FromToPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Rome AirportCity Center (Flat)
5054.5030-50 min
Rome AirportNuova Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre (Flat)262810 min
Rome AirportCastello della Magliana (Flat)3133.8015 min
Rome AirportOstiense Station (Flat)475130
Rome AirportCiampino Airport (Flat)5256.7030-40 min
Rome AirportTiburtina Station (Flat)576250 min
Rome AirportPort of Civitavecchia (Flat)12513650-60 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Fiumicino Airport?

The official taxi ranks are located right outside the Arrivals level of both terminals. Thus,  you’ll find a taxi stand right next to the exit doors, no matter if you are landing at Rome airport terminal 1 or at T3. 

On the other hand, Fiumicino taxis are lining up at the main road in front of  T1 and T3’s Arrivals and close to the train station.

Airport Taxi from Rome Airport to Hotel

After a potentially long and tiring flight, there’s nothing more convenient than getting a taxi and heading from Rome Airport to your hotel, no matter where it may be located. Rome airport taxis are always present at the airport taxi ranks outside the T1 and T3 Arrivals level, ready to drive you to your accommodation fast and stress-free. Despite their bad reputation, Fiumicino airport taxis offer safe rides and flat fares for most destinations (at least inside the Aurelian Walls). Hence, if your hotel lies within the city limits, getting overcharged is out of the question. Still, if you want to keep your traveling budget low, you should check if your hotel provides free shuttle rides from the airport.

Useful Tips about Taxis in Rome Airport

  • Rome airport taxis offer set fares for rides inside the Aurelian Walls. Nevertheless, if your destination lies outside that area, you should check that the cab’s taximeter is zeroed and on when entering the vehicle.
  • Asking for a receipt at the end of the ride can be proven helpful. Verily, if you have forgotten personal items inside the cab or want to make an official complaint, you’ll find all the necessary info on the receipt.
  • Rome taxi drivers can’t refuse rides and can’t pick destinations.
  • Once reaching the airport taxi rank, you should take the first taxi in line.
  • It is crucial to take your taxi from the airport taxi stands, as unlicensed drivers often approach travelers offering quick and cheap rides, only to overcharge them at the end. In any case, official Rome airport taxis are white and have the distinctive “Taxi” sign on their roof, and their license number and the “Comune di Roma” sign on their doors. The license number is also displayed on the back side of the cab and inside the taxi.
  • You should carry small banknotes with you, as drivers usually don’t have enough change.
  • Tipping in Rome is optional. Locals usually round up the final fare.
  • Children can sit on their parent’s lap. Taxis aren’t equipped with child seats.
  • Ride-sharing services are also provided at Fiumicino Airport.


Can I get a taxi at Rome Airport?

Rome airport taxis are available 24/7 at Fiumicino Airport. They are queuing up at the airport taxi stands, outside the Arrivals of terminal 1 and terminal 3, on tap to provide fast and reliable services to FCO passengers. 

How much is a taxi from Rome Airport?

Rome airport taxis offer flat fares, at least to destinations inside the Aurelian Walls. Thus, a ride from Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center costs 50€/54.50$, whereas transits outside that limit but within Grande Raccordo Anulare are metered. Still, their price can’t exceed 73€/79.60$.

Do taxis in Rome accept card?

Rome airport taxi drivers are obligated to accept payment via bank cards. Still, they often claim that their POS machines are out of operation. Therefore, if you are planning on using a card to pay for your taxi fare, you should first check with your driver.