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All Useful Info about Taxi Stands, Fees, and Rides from Ciampino Airport

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Why Take a Ciampino Airport Taxi

Ciampino airport taxis are one of the most popular ways to travel from Ciampino G.B. Pastine International Airport. Verily, a vast majority of CIA passengers opt for a taxi ride after landing at the airport, valuing their comfort and efficiency. Explicitly, CIA airport taxis are: 


  • Always available at the airport taxi rank. No matter the day or time arriving at Ciampino Airport, you’ll find at least one airport taxi waiting outside the terminal.
  • Offer door-to-door services. Ciampino airport taxi drivers are obligated to drive their passengers to their desired destinations. Thus, you’ll be dropped off right in front of your accommodation.
  • Convenient. If you opt for a Ciampino airport taxi, you won’t have to search the bus stop at CIA Airport or worry about catching the right bus or train line and alighting at the closest to your destination stop.
  • Comfortable. A Ciampino airport taxi will drive you to the exact location of your accommodation. Hence, you won’t have to try to find your way from the bus stop or the train station while carrying your luggage all along.
  • Safe. During public rides, your personal belongings will be exposed. Conversely, with a Ciampino airport taxi, you’ll have your baggage safely stored inside the vehicle. Moreover, trains and buses often get congested. Traveling in an overcrowded bus or train isn’t only highly uncomfortable but also raises the risk of getting pickpocketed.

Ciampino Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

In general terms, taxis in the Italian capital are metered. Thus, their taximeter forms their fares according to the traveling time and the traversed distance. Overall, their initial tariff is 3€/3.27$ from Monday to Saturday, 5€/5.45$ on Sundays and during holidays, and 7€/7.70$ for rides from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am. Tariff 1 applies for the first 11€/12$ (1.14€/1.24$ per km), and Tariff 2 (1.35€/1.47$) until the taximeter shows an additional 13€/14.20$. From that point, the charge per km is 1.66€/1.81$ (Tariff 3). Furthermore, when traveling at a speed of under 20km/h, the fee per hour is 28€/30.50$. Finally, only one piece of luggage is out of charge. More than one piece measuring 35X25X50 is charged 1€/1.10$ per item.

Extra charges (excessive luggage, more than 4 passengers, night rides, etc.) apply to metered journeys.

On the other hand, Ciampino airport taxis offer set prices for rides to popular destinations. For instance, the route from Ciampino Airport to city center (within the Aurelian Walls) costs a flat fare of 31€/34$, all supplements included. However, please note that the fixed fare applies only to direct drives to downtown Rome. Hence, should you make any in-between stops or detours, you’ll have to pay the price indicated by the taximeter.

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How to Pay your Ciampino Airport Taxi

Ciampino airport taxi drivers are obligated to accept payments in cash and via bank cards. Thus, you should be able to use a credit or debit card to pay for your taxi ride. Nevertheless, taxi drivers prefer cash payments. Thus, they often claim that their POS machines aren’t operational. That’s the reason why you are strongly advised to check with your driver before leaving CIA Airport. On the other hand, if planning on paying with cash, it is recommended to carry small bills with you as the driver may not have enough change.

Ciampino Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Most Ciampino airport taxi rides to popular destinations aren’t metered. Therefore, you’ll know what price to expect when catching your taxi from the airport taxi rank. In detail, the fixed fares from Ciampino Airport are:


FromToPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Ciampino AirportCity Center
313430-40 min
Ciampino AirportOstiense Station313430-40 min
Ciampino AirportTiburtina Station3639.5030-40 min
Ciampino AirportFiumicino Airport5256.7030 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at CIA Airport?

The airport taxi rank is conveniently located right outside the Arrivals. Thus, once collecting your luggage, all you’ll have to do is head to the terminal’s exit doors and reach the square lying in front of the CIA terminal building. 

Taking your Ciampino airport taxi from the official taxi rank is crucial to avoid getting scammed.

Airport Taxi from Ciampino Airport to Hotel

Once landing at CIA Airport, you’ll undoubtedly wish to get from Ciampino Airport to your hotel as soon as possible. With a Ciampino airport taxi, you can reach your accommodation fast and comfortably while catching a first glimpse of the iconic city of Rome. Even though the Italian capital’s taxis have a bad reputation, scamming incidents are isolated, while rides to most of the popular destinations come with a fixed price anyway. In any case, if you want to keep your traveling budget low, you should check if your hotel offers free airport shuttle rides.

Tips & Hints about Taxis in Ciampino Airport

  • If your ride is metered, you should check that the taxi’s taximeter is reset and on before beginning your ride.
  • It is always recommended to ask for a receipt at the end of the ride and keep it. In case you have forgotten items inside the cab or want to make an official complaint, you’ll find all the necessary info on the receipt.
  • Once reaching the airport taxi rank, you’ll have to take the first cab in line. You can’t choose taxis.
  • The official Ciampino airport taxis are white and have the “Taxi” sign on their roofs. Furthermore, they have the “Comune di Roma” sign on their doors, while their license number must be displayed on the side and back part of the vehicle as well as on its interior.
  • You should always take your cab from the CIA airport taxi rank. Individual drivers approach passengers and offer them tempting prices for the ride to their destinations. Nevertheless, they always end up overcharging them.
  • You aren’t obligated to tip your driver. For pleasant rides, locals may simply round up the final fee.
  • Ciampino airport taxis don’t have child seats. Thus, your child is allowed to sit on your lap.
  • You can opt for a ride-sharing journey from Rome Ciampino Airport.


Can you get a taxi from Ciampino Airport?

Taxis are always present at Rome Ciampino Airport. Thus, no matter the day or the time, you’ll find CIA airport taxis lining up at the airport taxi rank, located right outside the Arrivals area.

How much is a taxi from Rome Ciampino Airport to city centre?

The ride from CIA to city center with a Ciampino airport taxi comes with a flat rate. Hence, if your destination lies inside the Aurelian Walls, you’ll have to pay 31€/34$ for your journey, no matter the traffic conditions. All extra charges (night rides, luggage, etc.) are already included in the set fare.